Monday, July 27, 2009


White Linnen NIght

All new work!
These originals approx 9x12 for $85
Various matted 8x10 prints for $12

Those little dots on the flower are from when it started raining while I was photographing these. No harm done.

"What the Late Night Moths See"
approx 9x12
Acrylic and assorted media on paper

I learned that butterflies can see into the ultraviolet spectrum, so they can see colors that we do not. I am using some imagination and florescent paint to depict how they might see flowers differently.

"Minon Woman"
approx 9x12
Acrylic on paper

The ancient sculpture of the Minoan snake goddess inspired this fanciful piece, a post modern imagining of the ancient world.

"The Angel in February"
approx 9x12
Acrylic on Paper

My vision of this angel is of moonlight reflected by snow. In February many trees have no leaves, only flowers. Florescent pigments make a luminous presence.

These and many others will also be avail in matted 8x10 prints on sale just for White Linnen Night for only $20.

Soon matted prints will be for sale online.

1 comment:

Michael-Ann said...

Beautiful and lively work! I like the direction you went with butterflies seeing more color than humans. Very cool! Will try to come by and see you during White Linen Night :-)