Wednesday, November 25, 2009

December Market

"The Beautiful Turban Squash"

and other framed 9x12 originals

First Satuday Market

December 5

11:00 am -6:00 pm

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trade Secrets -- Why I Recommend Laura Day's book "How to Rule the World from Your Couch"

What if you found a Genie in a Bottle? What would you wish for? Just pretend. Make your wish. Outlandish, beautiful, selfish . . . it doesn't matter. Just wish. After all, you're just pretending.

. . . .

Sometimes people wonder how I get to be who I am and how I am. I would describe myself as in shape, stylish, loud, and happy. I paint bold, bright, paintings, sing, and have lots of friends. I know where the party is. What would be hard to believe is that I was once a scrawny, neglected, apologetic, nervous, lonely, and miserable English teacher. I forcibly smiled and worked myself sick while my marriage, health, and quality of life deteriorated.

What happenned? How did I get from Point A to today? Laura Day's book The Cirle taught me the art of wishing. You just wish and . . . hang on. Here it comes!

This book does not ask you to "believe" anything. Just wish, pretend, observe, and document.

Because of my incredible success with the Circle, I am now working with her book "How to Rule the World from Your Couch". It's a practical book that really gives you the edge: Intuition on the fly. Self possession. Sensing the pulse of the moment. Knowing the right word. Having the right skill. This book gets right to business, as practical as a First Aid kit, as fun as a bottle of Bubble Magic.

Also, if you're like me and enjoy fun "psychic phenomena" you can also use this book to have a great time with remove viewing, precognition, and seeing the world from someone else's perspective. Those of you have had some vivid psychic talent experiences will find practical advice on how to direct your skill, which is, by the way, very normal.

. . .

Back to that Genie in the Bottle. What if you could tuck that bottle in your purse just in case you needed a quick wish? Maybe you would need to untangle a frustrating situation, find a moment of joy, meet a friend, help someone who was hurting. You could just pull over and ask.

That would be fun! And you can do this.

You have so many abilities, perhaps hidden from yourself or formerly misdirected so that you did not recognize them. Now, you can get all your resources working together, to go from right where you are to right where you want to be. This book is about creating your own real world joy and success in your own way. I am working with it now!

You're really the genie. And your wish is your command! So, go and rule the world from your couch, or your car, or favorite park bench, or table at the coffee house. Laura's youtube videos on will give you a preview.

Happy wishing!

Monday, November 2, 2009

November: Storms and Bright Blue Skies

"Safe from the Storm"
prints and postcards

"Five Happy Red Flowers"

Original 9x12 acrylic on paper $85

prints and poscards

This is the last in a series of five pieces, available in original and offered for sale at First Saturdays Market in December.

Originals: Contact

prints from imagekind

postcards from zazzle