Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Sage into the World

Postcards at
Prints from
Originals from me.

I'm getting my art out in the world of late -- please connect me to anyone you know who would like to feature my art in these places:

Locally: Austin, San Antonio, and any art district in Texas
Internationally: Mexico City. England, France, Norway, and other suggestions

If you can give me a contact that gets my work into a fabulous gallery, you may select a free matted print signed by me and and personally inscribed to you!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recommended for Artists

Great businesses that support our work:

Frame Destination -- this place has mats, those nifty clear bags, and bags made of very sturdy bubble wrap for transporting your framed art and canvases -- and they are nice people too who run a good business, and get your order right to you. They also sent out in the past some pictures of a hawk family who was nesting on a cell tower by their office, which was very cool, gotta love a business with heart. -- if you haven't done a set of art postcards with them, try it, just set up for free and see if you like them. Come by my booth and see my Zazzle postcards. Also, nice people, good business. They contact you to make sure your order got there alright. -- check my store, innovative idea and gets your work out there, nice community of artists to talk to, my experience is it was hard to get ahold of a caring individual to answer questions, and I have not checked the quality of their printing and it is not yet time for me to get paid, but it is truly spiffy looking and you can get started for free.

Enjoy! Live long and Prosper. Make lots of money!