Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall delights

The Village Firefly

Just as I had been hoping, my fall series is at the Village Firefly, a wonderful place described in the post below this one. The pieces, which are paintings of beautiful gourds and squash vary from Southwest style to storybook enchantment.

As always something is in the works. . . so check back and thank you for stopping in.

Monday, October 27, 2008

What's New


The Village Firefly

This is the most exquisite place. You'll feel welcome, inspired and you're sure to find that perfect something that you can't find anywhere else. I can't say enough about the Firefly, so just treat yourself and check it out.

I am thrilled to have some of my work there among all sorts of treasures.

- 8x10 prints matted and ready to frame.

- the ocean series, with mermaids and seahorses matted in a beautiful shade of plum.

Some other work

- beautiful fall vegetables! Contact me as they may be at the gallery, my booth, or some at both.

(The small guitar paintings sold together as a series, but another very different series may come along, as well as other views of the popular and mysterious Summer Tree.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Womens' Festival

Saturday October 25
Sage and Judi at the Houston Womens' Festival!

What will I have?
(pictures coming . . . )

*More pretty fall squash.

*Halloweenish stuff!

*Small paintings of brightly colored guitars on wood in hand painted frames and ready to hang up. Most are smaller than 8x10 and are $40.

*Prints, including the locally famous "Orange Cat by Fairytale Pond." 8x10 prints are $30.

What's in the works for future shows?

* A Solstice series -- paintings in a muted silvery, taupe, and black palette to honor the quiet side of the winter season. These may start becomming availible in December. Viewing by appointment.

* Winter Angels -- hopefully making a debut in January at Yale Street market.

* Spontaneous works -- mysterious dream-paintings of unpredictable nature.

* Little picture books -- coming out in a few months. Fairy tale picture stories about birds, gargoyles, gremlins, and squash. (Of course, squash.)

Friday, September 26, 2008

October at Yale Street

Preview of my Paintings at Yale Street Market
the first Saturday in October

Magical squash
Squash is my annual fall obsession. A collection of works ranging from 8x10 prints to 24x30 originals shows squash going to the moon, wearing henna tattos, getting married and viewing the annual squash migration.

"Apples and Pumpkins in the Fog"
9x12 Acrylic on Paper
Original avail at Gallery TBA, prints at Yale St.

Work in progress
"Gourds discussing the compatibility of their Astrological Charts"
9x12 Acrylic on paper
Original Avail at Gallery TBA, prints at Yale St.

Festive Monsters and Party Devils

"Happy Red Monsters"
9x12 Acrylic on Paper
Original and prints at Yale St.

I love hearing what people think these are -- Sendak's wild things? creatures from Oz? I'm not sure what they are but they are both disgustingly cute and a little sinister.

"Sexy Blue Devil"
24x30 Acrylic on Paper

Original and Prints at Yale St.

A playful, pop-cultural take on an ancient archetype. Would Jung be amused?

Works in Progress

Halloween Village -- an integration of organic and architectural shapes. Strange, slightly-retro, and weirdly cute. I might not have it ready by Halloween because of weather disruption, but then Halloween is fun all year!

Upcoming Appearances
Check back to find out more about these upcoming appearances

The Womens' Festival -- October 25

College Station -- first Friday in November

Yale Street -- first Saturday in November

Fall collection at Gallery TBA

Please feel welcome to email me if you would like for me to make or to hold a print of a specific piece for you.