Friday, October 17, 2008

The Womens' Festival

Saturday October 25
Sage and Judi at the Houston Womens' Festival!

What will I have?
(pictures coming . . . )

*More pretty fall squash.

*Halloweenish stuff!

*Small paintings of brightly colored guitars on wood in hand painted frames and ready to hang up. Most are smaller than 8x10 and are $40.

*Prints, including the locally famous "Orange Cat by Fairytale Pond." 8x10 prints are $30.

What's in the works for future shows?

* A Solstice series -- paintings in a muted silvery, taupe, and black palette to honor the quiet side of the winter season. These may start becomming availible in December. Viewing by appointment.

* Winter Angels -- hopefully making a debut in January at Yale Street market.

* Spontaneous works -- mysterious dream-paintings of unpredictable nature.

* Little picture books -- coming out in a few months. Fairy tale picture stories about birds, gargoyles, gremlins, and squash. (Of course, squash.)

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